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Hi! I am Thomas Woltjer, a Grand Rapids based software engineer and award-winning composer. This site is my way of distributing my music, free of cost. (Direct download links are below.) It might be confusing that I don’t have parts publically as well, but that is very intentionally done. If you’re interested in obtaining parts for anything I’ve written–even if it’s just to try playing one of my pieces, or to practice with–simply email me at and I will make sure to get them to you within a few hours. My perspective on technology as a developer has brought me to the position that I don’t want any sort of tracking/analytics embedded as part of this website, and the only way that I can know how much engagement my music is getting is to have this sort of request system.


Concert Band

Freedom Bells (3 minutes, grade 3)

Updated May 20, 2020

A brief and joyful prelude, Freedom Bells is an overtly patriotic celebration of liberty and (as indicated by the title) freedom. I wrote it entirely during my last month at Calvin University, in gratitude for the educators who have guided my path of discovery of meaning in and understanding of music and programming. Accessible for many bands, but rich in contrapuntal melodies, this piece is well suited a wide variety of groups and circumstances.

Phoenix (10 minutes, grade 4)

Updated April 18, 2020

Based on a sequence of six pitches, Phoenix is an exploration of the themes of life, death, and resurrection. This piece is intended to be rather accessible, and could be played by most high school bands. However, it does require piano and harp, so it may be challenging to put it together with a more limited instrumentation.


Viral Mutation (10 minutes, grade 4-5)

Updated May 8, 2020

This piece, written for advanced orchestras, tries to capture my sentiments during the period of social distancing in 2020, due to threat of sickness. It portrays the slow nature of how viruses mutate, with melodies and motives passing by each other, all the time slowly changing in themselves. Though most of the piece maintains a sense of moodiness, it ends on a high note, symbolizing the positive shifts towards of unity, love, and appreciation for each other that I saw in our society as a consequence of the pandemic.

Chamber Music

Wild Card (Piano four hands, advanced difficulty)

Updated May 20, 2020

This piece, inspired by the Batman character known as “The Joker” showcases a manic personality with a tendency towards destruction. Although it is reasonably short, it is not for the faint-hearted.

Solo Piano

Forgotten Dreams (1-2 minutes, easy-intermediate diffculty)

Updated May 13, 2020